About the “16 for 16” campaign

Welcome to The Pixel Project‘s “16 for 16” campaign!

“16 for 16” is our annual year-end holiday season campaign that does double duty as:

  • An ongoing awareness-raising programme: The Pixel Project’s yearly contribution to the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence campaign.
  • An annual year-end micro-donation giving programme to help The Pixel Project’s supporters, their friends and their families give to the cause to end Violence Against Women (VAW) without breaking the bank.

The Awareness-raising Segment: A Special Edition Blogging Campaign

Every year starting from 2010, we aim to publish one blog article for every day of the 16 Days of Activism. It’s as simple as that!

There are other 16 Days blogging campaigns but here is what sets us apart:

Every one of our articles and contributor’s articles presents a short list of 16 positive ideas and/or solutions revolving around a specific theme related to understanding, preventing, stopping and ending VAW. Each idea and solution is bite-sized – simple to understand and easy to put into action. These articles are the foundation of a flourishing and formidable online resource of ideas and solutions for preventing, stopping and ending VAW as our “16 for 16” archives grow in the years to come.

It is our hope that these articles will inspire, motivate and galvanise individuals, groups and communities to take that first step towards helping stop VAW.

This year, aside from The Pixel Project’s in-house blogging and research team, our collection also features contributions from our fabulous partners: Bell Bajao/Breakthrough and Stop Street Harassment.

The Fundraising Segment: Holiday Giving Without Your Bank Breaking

Our special year-end holiday season micro-donation fundraisers are a great way to give to the cause while being easy on the pocket. Whether your minimum is US$10.00 or just a little more, we have an option to suit all budgets.

This year, we are pleased to bring you two (2) fantastic options for your year-end micro-giving. To learn more about these options or to start giving, go here.

Option 1: The Music For Pixels digital charity album:

The Pixel Project is pleased to launch our first full-length Music For Pixels digital charity album featuring 12 artistesperforming positive and uplifting songs selected to raise the spirits of women, girls and survivors of gender-based violence everywhere!

Download the album from iTunes, Amazon and other major online music stores worldwide for just US$6.99 (Amazon) or US$11.99 (iTunes). Funds raised go towards keeping The Pixel Project alive

You can learn more about the album here: http://music4pixels.thepixelproject.net/the-music-for-pixels-digital-album/

Option 2: Keep The Pixel Project running via Razoo donations:

If you love the work that we do to prevent, stop and end VAW, keep us going with just the price of your dinner out: US$10.00.

Donate here: http://www.razoo.com/story/The-Pixel-Project

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.