The Pixel Project Selection 2014 – 16 Notable Facebook Pages by Anti-Violence Against Women Organisations

Foto-FacebookIn only ten years, Facebook became a social media powerhouse, with 829 million daily active users as of June 2014. Of those users, 654 million log in from their mobile devices every day. Facebook has grown from a basic social connection website to a life platform. It is used to find, connect, and catch up with friends, to read the news, to conduct business, to shop, and to learn.

Facebook is also used to find causes, organisations, and events that are important to us and to advocate for various issues. Now, Facebook users can learn about and support global issues from their own home. They can follow organisational news, participate in grassroots campaigns, and donate right from their mobile phone or computer.

Violence against women is one of the global issues finding supporters on Facebook. Now, one story can be heard by millions of people around the globe. In this article, we highlight 16 anti-violence against women Facebook pages that are unique in their message and their delivery. This is our third annual list of recommended Facebook pages and we have selected them because they make an effort to temper humour with information, offer a significant way for their readers to help, and make those in the fight feel more powerful and part of something greater. They present a unique perspective on a global issue. So pick and choose a couple to ‘like’, or better yet – ‘like’ them all and get informed and take action.

Written and compiled by Rebecca DeLuca

Recommended Facebook Page 1: A Call to MenUnited States of America

A Call to MenA Call to Men is a violence prevention organisation geared towards men. The organisation educates men to be loving and respectful, so all women and girls can be valued and safe. A Call to Men believes shifting social norms about manhood is an integral step to ending domestic and sexual violence. Understanding that preventing violence against women is primarily the responsibility of men, A Call to Men utilises training, keynote presentations, consultation and education to challenge men’s understanding of masculinity. The Facebook page, while focused on United States media, shares global news about men’s roles in ending violence against women.

Recommended Facebook Page 2: Create Consent Culture by Providing Youth the ToolsCanada

Create Consent Culture by Providing Youth the ToolsCreate Consent Culture by Providing Youth the Tools is a Facebook community geared toward educators. The community’s goal is to develop resources to integrate consent-based education into schools. This Facebook page is a place for discussion about rape culture, a resource exchange, and an idea hub for educators. While many of the posts discuss education and educational institutions, followers will also find information for parents and news about other feminist organisations.

Recommended Facebook Page 3: Foundation to Prevent Violence against Women and their ChildrenAustralia

Foundation to Prevent Violence against Women and their ChildrenThe Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children is an Australian organisation working to raise awareness about violence against women. The Foundation shares articles about empowering women, violence against women, and tips to end abuse. The Foundation’s Facebook page is also a resource for members to find information about upcoming women-focused events in various Australian communities.

Recommended Facebook Page 4: Girls Not BridesGlobal

Girls Not BridesGirls Not Brides, an organisation also featured in our 2013 edition of “16 Notable Activists and Nonprofits to Follow on Twitter,” is bringing global attention to the issue of child marriage. The Girls Not Brides Facebook page is a collaborative resource for discussions about ending child marriage and bringing awareness to child brides. While important news articles are shared, the Facebook page’s most important resource is real, first-hand stories from women and girls affected by child marriage. 

Recommended Facebook Page 5: Human Rights Project for GirlsUnited States of America

Human Rights Project for GirlsHuman Rights Project for Girls (Rights4Girls) is an organisation that focuses on gender-based violence and its effects on women and girls in the United States of America. Focusing on sexual violence, domestic violence, rape, and trafficking in the U.S., the organisation uses education and engagement to demand policy changes. The Rights4Girls Facebook page shares information on laws and policies affecting women and girls across the United States.

Recommended Facebook Page 6: Men Against ViolenceMauritius

Men Against ViolenceMen Against Violence (MAV) is a Mauritius nonprofit organisation framing violence against women as an issue men need to solve. The MAV Facebook page develops messages targeting men and boys and shares them in English and French. Not only does the organisation upload relevant news articles to its Facebook page, but it also shares videos, photos, and other forms of multimedia discussing violence against women.

Recommended Facebook Page 7: Object! Women not Sex ObjectsUnited Kingdom

Object Women not Sex ObjectsObject! Women not Sex Objects challenges the sexual objectification of women in the media and in popular culture. Object! uses grassroots activation and political lobbying to achieve its vision: a society free of sexism, in which women’s diversity is fully embraced and represented. While Object! focuses on ending sexual objectification, their Facebook page also acts as a hub for research and articles about a broader range of women’s rights issues. 

Recommended Facebook Page 8: Pandora’s ProjectAustralia and United States of America

Pandoras ProjectPandora’s Project is a haven for rape and sexual abuse survivors, and their family and friends. With an active community, the Facebook page acts as an online support group where survivors can tell their stories and connect with others. Pandora’s Project shares inspirational quotes, powerful messages, and articles about survival and coping.

Recommended Facebook Page 9: Sexual Violence Research InitiativeGlobal

Sexual Violence Research InitiativeThe Sexual Violence Research Initiative promotes research and generates empirical data about sexual violence. The organisation connects researchers, policy makers, donors and activists from around the world to ensure that sexual violence is recognised as a global issue. Those looking to study the effects of sexual violence, incorporate best practises into their teaching or therapy, or follow important research will find weekly SVRI updates including new research, grants, proposals and relevant news stories on the organisations’s Facebook page.

Recommended Facebook Page 10: Stop the Worldwide War on GirlsGlobal

Stop the Worldwide War on GirlsStop the Worldwide War on Girls is an active Facebook community building awareness about the frequent injustices women and girls face. If you are looking for global violence against women stories and updates, Stop the Worldwide War on Girls is a suggested place to begin. The Facebook page also has an active community, allowing you to engage in discussions, tell and read personal stories, and connect with like-minded activists.

Recommended Facebook Page 11: Take Back the TechGlobal

Take Back the TechTake Back the Tech! is a campaign calling for the control of technology to end violence against women. The campaign accompanies the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence in its daily actions, however the Facebook page is active the rest of the year too. Focusing on how technology and violence against women are connected, Take Back the Tech! engages its supporters in surveys, provides an anonymous harassment reporting service, and shares articles focusing on technology’s role in ending violence against women.

Recommended Facebook Page 12: The Girl Code Movement United States of America

The Girl Code MovementThe Girl Code Movement, founded by youth in New York, unites college women from across the United States to become activists in ending rape. The college-focused organisation uses education and training to empower women to become active bystanders. The organisation’s Facebook page includes stories from rape survivors, female empowerment quotes, news, and Cock Block Tips, which are tips to help women end rape.

Recommended Facebook Page 13: The Official 16 Days of Activation Against Gender Violence CampaignGlobal

The Official 16 DaysThe 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign aiming to end all forms of violence against women. Individuals and groups use the 16 days between November 25 (International Day Against Violence Against Women) and December 10 (International Human Rights Day) to illustrate that violence against women is a human rights violation. The Official 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence’s Facebook page is a focal point for the campaign, sharing actions and news and stories from the numerous individuals and groups involved. The rest of the year the Facebook page is a resource for those interested in the fight to end violence against women, sharing international news and important actions.

Recommended Facebook Page 14: The WAVE NetworkEurope

The WAVE NetworkWomen Against Violence Europe (WAVE) is a network of European NGOs promoting the human rights of women and children. Through raising awareness, empowering women and children, and lobbying, WAVE’s mission is to end violence against women. The WAVE Network uses its Facebook page to share articles about violence European women face. Also, the WAVE Network shares its lobbying efforts, event updates, and photos of their meetings, conferences, and events.

Recommended Facebook Page 15: V-DayGlobal

vdayV-Day, a global moment to end violence against women and girls, promotes creative events that increase awareness and raise money for anti-violence organisations. One of V-Day’s signature campaigns, One Billion Rising, brings together a billion people from across the globe to rise, dance, release and demand justice to end violence against women and girls. The V-Day Facebook page shares information about global anti-violence movements and events, making it easy for supporters to get involved.

Recommended Facebook Page 16: Women Against AbuseUnited States of America

Women against abuseIn 1976, a time when services for victims of domestic violence were unheard of, two social workers started Philadelphia’s first domestic violence hotline. Now, Women Against Abuse is one of the largest domestic violence agencies in the country. Though the non-profit organisation is located in Philadelphia, they share statistics, research, and articles that are pertinent to victims and survivors across the United States.

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