16 of The Pixel Project’s Best Blog Articles…So Far

The Pixel Project’s blog has been one of our key tools for raising awareness about Violence Against Women (VAW) worldwide. Through our blog, we have presented everything from action lists to interviews to detailed articles about positive solutions to preventing, stopping and ending VAW.

It is our soapbox: our virtual platform-with-megaphone where we speak out against VAW.

Our blog has been quoted by the Associated Press, shared by thousands of activists, survivors and supporters worldwide and provided us with the privilege of showcasing some of the most innovative ideas and activists in the movement to end VAW today. And who better to present a round-up of our best blog articles (so far) than our long-time Blog Editor, Crystal Smith.

So over to you, Crystal:

– Regina Yau, Founder and President, The Pixel Project


With over 240 blog posts to our name, it is hard to select only 16 for this post, but here goes. In no particular order, below are our best 16 blog posts so far.

Blog Article Selection 1: Our First E-news Digest. The e-news digest is published every two weeks and collects the most recent stories about violence against women (VAW) from around the world. Its goal? To make it easier for people to find, share, and talk about the issue of VAW.

Blog Article Selection 2: A Volunteer and Survivor Story. Way back in 2009, Barbara Satterfield Kinsey shared her story of abuse survival as she described her reasons for volunteering with The Pixel Project.

Blog Article Selection 3: Silver Lining posts. While we know all too well the horrifying realities of VAW, we also strive to show stories of hope and positivity. Every Friday, our ongoing Silver Lining posts showcase the progress being made on VAW.

Blog Article Selection 4: Lessons from Aisha. A thoughtful post by The Pixel Project founder and president, Regina Yau, about the impact of aTime magazine cover story that featured Aisha, an Afghan woman who had her nose cut off as punishment for fleeing her abusive in-laws.

Blog Article Selection 5: The Importance of Hope. With the spirit that infuses our Silver Lining posts, Regina wrote a motivational piece about staying hopeful and never giving up on the cause of ending VAW.

Blog Article Selection 6: Activism for the Women of The Congo. A post highlighting the positive actions people can take against a horrifying problem: war rape.

Blog Article Selection 7: Why Purple? Why do we and many other women’s organisations use the colour purple in our logos and campaigns? This post answers that question.

Blog Article Selection 8: Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking. An example of how we are using our blog to educate people about the many forms of VAW, including human trafficking.

Blog Article Selection 9: Behind the Scenes of a Celebrity Male Role Model Photo Shoot. The Pixel Reveal, through which we will gradually unveil our mystery picture of celebrity male role models, is our main fundraiser. This post shows what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot. (And, no, the celebrity being photographed is not revealed here!)**

Blog Article Selection 10: Of Little Girls and Fruit Trees… An inspiring post about the difference a single act in a single community can make.

Blog Article Selection 11: Words That Paint a Picture. A series of posts in which we use word clouds to show the scope of VAW. This post talks about the impact of VAW.

Blog Article Selection 12: Technology Abuse. A guest post from Women’s Aid Ireland that helps women understand and protect themselves from technology abuse, yet another form of VAW.

Blog Article Selection 13: How to Gain a Life. A poem from a domestic violence survivor.

Blog Article Selection 14: The Global Walk PSA recording session with Bob Wiltfong and Dave Roberts. A great photo-blog post that gives a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of one of our PSAs.

Blog Article Selection 15: VAW: A Man’s Perspective. The vision of The Pixel Project is to engage men and women in efforts to end VAW. This interview with Todd Minerson, executive director of the White Ribbon Campaign, shares one man’s perspective on VAW and his efforts to end it.

Blog Article Selection 16: Inspirational Interviews. We are tremendously encouraged by the amazing people working to end VAW in a variety of ways, from filmmaking to photography and activist work. Our Inspirational Interviews highlight the work of these many individuals. Our first interview in this series was with Holly Kearl of Stop Street Harassment. To view others, scroll to the bottom of this post and click the “Inspirational Interviews” tag.

We are very proud of the work we have done in our blog to date and look forward to more exceptional content in the future!

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.

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