Activism 101: 16 Ways to Support The Pixel Project’s Work to Stop Violence Against Women

Welcome to the eleventh day of 16 Days of Activism and our 16 for 16 campaign!

With the G(irls) 20 Summit calling on world leaders to end gender-based violence and inequality, and with the Nobel Prize being awarded to three women “for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights,” the issue of violence against women has gotten some high-profile attention of late. However, there is still much to do to bring an end to the violence that plagues 1 in 3 women and girls worldwide.

Not sure where to begin? Why not begin with us – here are 16 ways you can take part in and support The Pixel Project’s work to stop violence against women.

Introduction by Crystal Smith with Regina Yau; List compiled by Crystal Smith; Retro Social Media Icons illustration courtesy of Mike Weinstein.


Action 1: Buy pixels! Donate as little as USD$5 to help reveal our mystery celebrity male role models! The Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign is our flagship fundraiser in aid of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Malaysia’s Women’s Aid Organisation.

Action 2: Book an interview with us for your blog or media outlet! If you are a blogger, editor, producer or journalist, we’d be happy to talk with you about our efforts to end VAW.

Action 3: Virtual volunteering with us – If you have a few hours to spare per week, consider joining The Pixel Project team which includes volunteers from 4 continents, 12 time zones and over 10 cities worldwide. Have internet connection, will volunteer, we say!

Action 4: Participate in our annual campaigns which include: “Paint It Purple” during which we get our supporters to “paint” the internet purple, donate cupcake recipes and hold cupcake bake sales to raise funds for the cause; “Portraits For Pixels” where we work with photographers around the world to raise funds for us and recognition for them; “16 for 16” where we honour the 16 Days of Activism with a special blogging campaign.

Action 5: Twitter Ambassador programme – A micro-volunteering program engaging Twitter users to spread awareness about VAW through regular re-tweets.

Action 6: Twitter Tag TeamJoin our team working behind our Twitter account to bring the global public VAW helplines from more than 20 countries, and the latest news and information about VAW round the clock.

Action 7: Facebook with UsJoin our page to join a one-stop shop of up-to-date VAW news, ideas to stop VAW and a discussion forum for supporters and survivors to raise awareness about VAW.

Action 8: “Wall of Support” programme. Join a growing chorus of people from around the world and all walks of life who are speaking up to end VAW in person, on video via YouTube. Why not make your own – stand up and have your voice counted!

Action 9: Spread the word about The Pixel Project’s work through our banners and buttons. Just right click, save the button/banner of your choice and upload as your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn avatar!

Action 10: Sponsor us! Show how your business or organisation supports our efforts to end VAW. We welcome cash donations as low as USD$10.00 via Razoo or in-kind donations of services and products that help keep us up and running.

Action 11: Share your stories on our blog – Whether you are a survivor, a supporter, an activist, an advocate or a volunteer for the cause, we would love to hear from you!

Action 12: Be a Social Media Ambassador! Do you have a Facebook account? A Twitter account? A blog? Take part in our social media campaigns and daily social media conversations.

Action 13: Learn more about the issue! Our website is full of resources about the many forms of VAW. The bi-weekly e-news digest compiles the latest stories on VAW so you can easily find and share them.

Action 14: Support our partners – The Pixel Project has partnered with a diverse roster of partner organisations worldwide including UNIFEM’s “Say NO – UNiTE” campaignThe White Ribbon campaignCSR IndiaWalk a Mile in Her ShoesAAUW,The Sisterhood is Global, and more. We invite you to visit their sites to learn more about their goals and efforts to end VAW.

Action 15: Partner with us – If you are a non-profit organisation or charity working to end VAW, we’d love to hear from you!

Action 16: Encourage your friends and family to get on board the cause by joining us on Facebook, following us on Twitter or checking out our website!

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.

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