16 Ways to Help Your Local Domestic Violence Shelter

If you’ve been thinking about supporting issues pertaining to violence against women, one of the best times to start helping your local domestic violence is during the holiday season.  With The Pixel Project’s contribution to the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence being its new “16 for 16” blogging campaign, this blog post brings you 16 ways to help your local Domestic Violence Shelter and will hopefully give you a jumpstart to assist the needs of a local shelter in your area. Continue reading

Interview: Spa Fundraiser Co-Founder Catherine Pierce talks about the Purple Pamper Package and Why Violence Against Women is an Important Cause for Her

As part of our annual year-end holiday season fundraising, The Pixel Project has teamed up with Spa Fundraiser to present the Purple Pamper Package programme whereby our supporters and followers can treat themselves to a mini face-and-hand spa pamper session for just $25 while raising funds for the cause to end violence against women.

Better still, donors and supporters have the option of make their charity dollars stretch twice as far by also sponsoring one or more Purple Pamper Package spa certificates for any of the 30 women’s shelters who have signed up to receive the spa sessions.

The Purple Pamper Package holiday giving programme runs from 25 November 2011 – 1 January 2012 and you can buy the spa certificates for yourself and your loved ones and/or sponsor some for a listed women’s shelter at Spa Fundraiser’s Purple Pamper Package page.

We caught up with Catherine Tanner Pierce, co-Founder of Spa Fundraiser and she talks to us about why she started Spa Fundraiser, why violence against women is a cause close to her heart and her ideas about how we can all help stop violence against women worldwide. Continue reading

Launch Announcement: The “16 for 16” campaign – A Holiday Season Campaign Raising Awareness & Funds for the Cause to End Violence Against Women

25 November 2011: The Pixel Project, the global volunteer-led online non-profit working to end Violence Against Women (VAW), is proud to present the first 16 For 16 campaign. This annual holiday season campaign does double duty for the VAW cause. It is The Pixel Project’s contribution to the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign while functioning as a year-end micro-donation giving programme to help the global community give to the cause without breaking the bank. The 16 For 16 campaign begins on 25 November and ends on New Year’s Day. Continue reading